Scott E. McDowell

Author & Ph.D. Physical Oceanographer
100-Ton Merchant Mariner's Licensed Vessel Captain – USCG


will appeal to lovers of the sea with curious minds. It presents practical marine concepts, new oceanographic discoveries, contemporary sea topics and myth-busting facts. It's written for young and old, boaters, beach-goers, fishermen and mariners who are interested in better understanding our planet Earth and the role of its many oceans.


Entertain your Curiosity

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Garbage Patches in the Oceans

Rogue Waves

If We Had No Moon

Great White Sharks

Sea Level Rise

The Bermuda Triangle


Climate Change Controversy



Albatross & Her Crew
Fifty years of floundering in Cape Cod Bay

The true story of a fishing business in Dennis on Cape Cod – over fifty summers operating, over one-hundred Deck Hands with great stories. A celebration of good people who cared for a legendary boat. It transcends the decades, leaving you with a warm feeling of well-being and pride in the human race. A story that needed to be told and will in itself, become part of Dennis history.


Dr. McDowell is a retired Ocean Physicist living in Miami, FL and has enjoyed cruising in the Florida Keys and The Bahamas on his 60-ft motor yacht, Someday Is Now. Fishing and boating are strong interests but writing novels is now his number one priority.

 The Biography of Dickie Buck:

  What could and couldn’t be told


 Unforgettable - Daredevil - Bad Boy -

Robin Hood - Family Man
A Life – A Legend


Plus memories from the village’s cherished years: 33 Landmarks of the Village from the ‘40s to ‘60s,12 Notorious Characters


Deep Vorticity

While vacationing on a small Bahamian island, a teen boy from Annapolis discovers hundreds of small buoyant labels hand-printed with Asian characters. Via an exhaustive on-line investigation, young CJ determines the message is a Mayday plea from a Korean submariner trapped in the deep with no means of escape. Further investigation reveals an ingenious plan for the undersea missile station to hide within an ocean eddy and remain undetected by U.S. sonar technologies.


An undersea espionage, suspense-thriller that teaches the reader about fascinating eddies in the deep North Atlantic.