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Scott McDowell ... of the Sea


Ocean Physicist, Ph.D.
Author of Sea Novels
Yacht/Maritime Consultant
100-ton Yacht Captain

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Maritme Consultant


Expert Guidance for new Yacht Owners

Sea Trial and Vessel Survey Advice


Captain and Crew Recruiting and Evaluation

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Vessel Insurance Considerations


​Hurricane Plans

Marina Evaluation and Negotiations

    (authored Marina Guidebook)

Vessel Maintenance Plans

Liveaboard Guidance

Vessel Outfitting

Oceanographic Training

    (authored Sea Knowledge)

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Native of Cape Cod

Grew up in Dennis Village and started working on the fishing boat Albatross at age 13. Alum of Ezra H. Baker and D-Y High School.


Ph.D. Ocean Physics - U Rhode Island

M.S. Oceanography - U Michigan

B.S. Chemical Eng. - U Mass Lowell

Oceanographic Employment

Science Applications Intl. Corp. - 17 yrs

Battelle Ocean Sciences - 6 yrs

EG&G Ocean Services - 6 yrs

Woods Hole Ocean. Inst. - 2 yrs

Vessels Owned

60-ft Horizon M/V

46-ft DeFever M/V

28-ft Uniflite M/V

Small boats

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Florida Authors & Publishers Assoc.

Gold Medal Award - 1st Place

Sports & Recreation Category


Albatross book - TV Interview

July 2019

Cape Cod Media Center

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Dickie Buck book - TV Interview

May 2019

Cape Cod Media Center

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Ed Lambert Radio Interviews

95 WXTK iHeart Radio - Hyannis

Albatross book -  August 2018

Dickie Buck book -  April 2019

Professional Review of Sea Knowledge
March 31, 2021

In honor of the approaching warmer weather, my mind couldn’t help but wander to the vacation state of mind. To temporarily appease my need for some Vitamin Sea, I entered into the world of Sea Knowledge by Scott E. McDowell. As an Ocean Physicist with a Ph.D., Dr. McDowell has substantial knowledge of the sea and marine concepts.

Broken down into chapters and sub-categories, Sea Knowledge is insightful for fully engaging study, as well as a quick reference guide for less-commonly known facts. What I enjoyed most about my sea-study experience was that the book felt nothing like a textbook, which I would say could easily become a bore for most readers. While reading, there were numerous occasions that I would find a fascinating fact that I was previously unaware of and had to share with those around me.

My son has always had a fascination with the ocean, specifically sharks, so there were several topics that he enjoyed hearing about as well, specifically Chapters 15 and 16, which focus on Great White Sharks. (He’s already requested that he gets to read the full book now that I’m finished!)

Due to the author’s experience as a licensed Captain and fisherman, McDowell has the life experiences that I could listen to all day. Though I’ve always enjoyed visiting the sea, up until reading Sea Knowledge, I had never expanded my interest much further than the beautiful sights. Now that my knowledge is expanded beyond what I could imagine, I’m more interested in distinguishing between wind waves and swell waves.

One of my pet peeves while reading is always focusing on the editing quality of the writing. I’m pleased that Sea Knowledge has proof of professional and quality editing. I’m honored to share my rating of 4 stars (max of 4) with my fellow readers and would recommend Sea Knowledge. If you have an interest in marine life and enjoy reading about myth-busting facts that are exposed, this is a read you don’t want to miss out on.

Professional Review
TV and Radio


Scott E. McDowell, Ph.D.


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Or if you have questions about my Maritime Consulting services.

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Book Details

Sea Knowledge Book

Fascinating Topics - Simple Explanations


Example of Chapter 6 beginning.

To see all Chapters, press Buy button and 'Look Inside' at

Sea Knowledge presents practical marine concepts, new oceanographic discoveries, contemporary sea topics and myth-busting facts.

47 Chapters with over 160 pages, 120 color images and diagrams, written for young and old, boaters, beach-goers, fishermen and mariners who are interested in better understanding our planet Earth and the role of its many ocean.

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      Book Sections (each with 3 to 8 Chapters)











SK details
Marinas detail

Marinas Book

Complete Guide to Marina Characteristics

Five-decade boater and career Oceanographer, Scott addresses all aspects of marina life in his comprehensive guidebook on ‘How to’ select the optimum marina for dockage of your vessel. Written in a conversational style, he educates via real examples and photos with a bit of humor and sea salt sprinkled in.  This book helps prioritize your needs as you carefully evaluate each marina’s facilities and amenities.

Practical tips addressed

• How to interact with marina management

• Selecting the best type of slip for easy docking

• Evaluating all the amenities of a marina - gaps?

• Storm surge, tides, tsunamis and lightning

• Safety tips and electrical shock drowning

• Knowing your Marina Tenant Agreement

• Understanding your vessel insurance policy

Marinas book.jpg

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Albatross Book

A real story about a boat that has employed over 100 

boys and girls from Dennis since 1963.


The Albatross has taken families flounder fishing in Cape Cod Bay for over fifty years. One-hundred local boys and girls have worked as Deck Hands under the two owners of the boat – Scott was the first in 1963. Great stories are shared, as well as a picture guide of over twenty local fish species is provided. Lessons Learned on the Albatross have led many Deck Hands to select careers in Defense Agencies, maritime commerce, oceanography, medicine and public service.

 Partial List of Contents

 Dennis Village in the 1960s

 Captain Dave Howes – Original Owner

 History of the Albatross boats

 Captain Chip Carroll – Present Owner

 100 Deck Hands

 Fish Species Caught

 Amusing Stories from the Crew

 Adult Careers of the Deck Hands

See Scott and Captain Chip interviewed on Cape Media TV.

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Albatross details

Dickie Buck Book

Robin Hood of Dennis

Dickie Buck Bio - front cover.jpg

Also includes memories from Dennis Village:

    33 Landmarks from the '40s to the '60s

    12 Notorious Characters

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A Life - A Legend
Peter Pan
Bad Boy
Robin Hood
Family Man

Dickie & Scott - Copy.JPG

See Scott and Dickie interviewed

on Cape Media TV.

Ed Lambert Radio Interview

95 WXTK iHeart Radio - Hyannis

April 2019

Dickie details

Royce and Chopper Book

Cape Cod's Legendary Shuckers


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Royce Bassett, whose ancestor arrived on Cape Cod in 1621, is legendary in the clam industry of the Lower Cape. He knows more about Cape clams than anyone who ever lived.

Chopper Young is well known in the Wellfleet area as a long-term oyster farmer and commercial clammer. He started shucking clams at an early age and became the region's fastest shucker.

He and Royce have been lifelong friends and still share stories while devouring fresh oysters and Royce’s clam pies.

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Royce details
Deep Vorticity details

Deep Vorticity Book

DeepV-cover-8-1-15 - Copy.jpg

As a sea-going Ocean Physicist, Dr. Scott McDowell describes a 60-mile diameter 'Meddy' that swirls like a Frisbee a half-mile beneath the ocean surface in the North Atlantic. He has masterfully interwoven Intrigue, Romance, Espionage and Oceanography within a contemporary, high-concept novel written for the non-scientist.

Further, Dr. McDowell was the first scientist to discover Meddies during his Ph.D. research in 1977.

To see book characteristics,

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